College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Xiamen University
Synergetic Center for Ocean Carbon And Future Earth,SCOCAFE
2016/9/1 354

SCOCAFE was newly founded and had its kick-off meeting in Xiamen, on September 8th 2012, led by Xiamen University and joined by Tongji University, China University of Geosciences, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and other major marine research institutes and organizations of China.

SCOCAFE shares the same aim with “Future Earth” project of ICSU, and encourages scientists across disciplines of geoscience to come together to address the critical role ocean ecosystem plays in carbon sequestration, while carbon emissions’ reductions are currently at the centre of the climate change. Given all the said points, the ultimate goal of SCOCAFE is to build the linkage between “future ocean” and “future earth”.

The three major-current-mission of SCOCAFE is to

1) set up long term time series stations for “blue carbon” monitoring along the Chinese coast;

2) establish a series of protocols for core measurements related to marine carbon sinks;

3) share data and facilities and promote “policy-industry-research” synergistic collaborations.


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