College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Xiamen University
Center for Abalone Germplasm Resources Preservationand Genetic Breedingin Fujian
2016/9/1 316

This center mainly has three functions:

(1) Germplasm resourcespreservation: firstly we will collect various germplasms and create some new germplasms (including wild germplasms and artificial breeding germplasms both from China and foreign countries).Then to preserve these germplasms, we willbuild “Sperm Bank” and “Living Germplasms Bank” by utilizing techniques such as fast propagation, living germplasm preservation, sperm cryopreservation and so on. By doing these things we expect to build up the core germplasm preservation center in southern China, that preserves various, abundant abalone germplasms;

(2) Genetic & breeding: we will build facilitiesand infrastructure that will be used specifically for abalone breeding, also, we will develop advanced genetic breeding technical systems for selective breeding of excellent abalone strains (strains that grows fastorhave high survival rates), by doing these we will create some “core populations”. On the other side, we will obtain hybrid offspring that have excellent traits by hybridization between different populations and species. Then we will cultivate, spread and breed these core-population seeds and hybrids, as well as to supply high-quality or new-variet abalone to abalone industry;

(3) Germplasm evaluation: we will build shape evaluation facilities, moreoverdevelop technical systems including germplasm rapid identification and molecular identification, and formulate rules for evaluation of seeds production performancefor abalone aquaculture industry.


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