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Research Groups
2016/9/18 2618

NSFC Creative Research Group

The research team “Marine Biogeochemistry: Processes and Mechanisms” was first supported by the Science Fund for Creative Research Group of the NSFC in 2005, and has subsequently been approved twice for further support (until 2014). The group is comprised of 14 scientists, led by Cheung Kong Chair Professor Minhan Dai and the Academician Nianzhi Jiao. The main objectives of the group are: 1) to better understand the air-sea carbon fluxes in tropical/subtropical marginal seas, e.g., the South China Sea and 2) to identify and examine the major biogeochemical processes modulating the carbon fluxes.


MOE Creative Research Group

The Creative Research Group “Studies on Marine Environmental Physiology and Toxicology” was sponsored by the MOE. This group, led by Minjiang Chair Professors Kunshan Gao and Kejian Wang, aims to explore the physiological and toxicological impacts of organic pollutants.

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