College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Xiamen University
2015/7/7 1148

COSEE China is a new platform that aims to bridge the gap between researchers and the public, scientists and educators. By forging links between these groups, it aims to not only enhance public awareness about the ocean but to cultivate the next generation of ocean scientists and scientifically literate citizenry.

COSEE China conducted several successful outreach programs in 2012. These programs ranged in scale from the small to the large and covered nearly every demographic found in Xiamen, including interactive lessons for students, teachers, and parents in Xiamen International School; professional development workshops for instructors at XMU and those at Keji Science and Technology High School; “Meet the ocean researchers” short films; a 5-day long Aquatic Eco-Learning Program (attended by 31 local middle school students); a Field Day Aboard the R/V Ocean II, and the XMU Ocean Sciences Open House, which featured hands on demonstrations, experiments, face painting, films and other activities focused on the ocean, and attracted roughly 600-700 visitors.

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