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The 4th XMU Ocean Sciences Open Day
MEL MEL 2015/11/16 435

The 4rd Annual Ocean Sciences Day was held on November 15th on Xiang’an Campus. This 4th event was also our first! Our first one in our new home at Xiamen University's Xiang'an campus that is.

Over 4000 visitors came through the three buildings (Zhou Long Quan Bldg, Xiping Bldg and Jinquan Bldg) which house ocean sciences here to learn about the work our researchers do and how they too can become stewards of the ocean. Various subjects covered a lot of research going on here such as the carbon cycle, ocean observations, phytoplankton, zooplankton, marine debris, marine biodiversity, wetland conservation, ocean acidification, marine mammals, kelp, food security, seabird watching, intertidal ecosystem, work in the Arctic, etc.



The event was coordinated by COSEE China (The Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence China). COSEE China was established in 2010. It aims to bridge the gap between scientists and educators. By forging links between these groups, it aims to enhance public awareness about the ocean and cultivate the next generation of ocean scientists and a scientifically literate citizenry. Several ongoing programs are conducted through COSEE China throughout the year that enables these goals to be met.  

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