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2016 National Excellent College Student Marine Science Summer Camp: a great success
COE COE 2016/7/22 766

With the great efforts of Xiamen University Graduate School and COE Office & Departments, on 20th July, 2016 National Excellent College Student Marine Science Summer Camp achieved its full success: selected from 30 Chinese universities, 66 outstanding college students accomplished their tasks of this summer camp; among them, 42 students received the honorary title of "Excellent Camper". The summer camp aims to promote communications between college students, introduce the disciplinary development of marine science in XMU and stimulate students’ interest for marine science.

Lectures (Human, Earth and Nitrogen Cycle given by professor KAO Shuhji and Marine chemical ecology and environmental protection type antifouling technology research and development by professor KE Caihuan, etc.), research group reports, laboratory tours, research practice, learning experiences exchange meetings, Marine Science Museum and Biological Museum tour, library tour, survey at sea on the research vessel OCEAN Ⅱ, experimental skills competition... a large variety of activities showed the school and college’s profound cultural heritage, powerful marine scientific research & facilities and strong academic atmosphere. As the dean WANG Kejian said, this beautiful coastal city, its cultural atmosphere and living comfort, and also the ideal studying environment of marine science in XMU will definitely bring out all the best in you.

At the closing ceremony, all the students expressed their sincere appreciation to this activity and the COE. Just like an important advertisement of the marine science in XMU, this summer camp will undoubtedly attract more outstanding students to study in the COE in the future.

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