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COE’s Triumphs in 2015 National Students’ Innovation Competition
COE COE 2016/4/28 509

On 7th April, the summary conference of 2015 National Students’ Innovation Competition and the Dezhen Fund Award commendation were held at the Arts & Science Center of Xiamen University. ZHU Dezhen, funder of Dezhen Fund emphasized to everyone that idea determines man’s road, and vision determines man’s level. She encouraged the students to develop good habits, cultivate the team spirit in daily life, and always be brave to pursue their own dreams.

The conference summed up the last year’s innovative achievements and also commended the outstanding groups and individuals. In the past year, the COE gained the honorary titles of Undergraduate Innovation Competition Advanced Group. The undergraduate student, LI Ruiqi won the Academic Competition Excellent Award. Professor ZHANG Yu won the Outstanding Instructor in Undergraduate Innovation Competition. ZHU Hongmei gained the Advanced Individual title.

As the representative of Outstanding Instructor, Dr. ZHANG Yu introduced the team’s great efforts in underwater robot and its future development. During the last two years, his team developed the robotic fish with autonomous motion and underwater acoustic function. This high technology could be used for dolphin protection and marine environmental monitoring. The team won the New Concept of Underwater Robot award in Oceanology International China Underwater Robot Competition in 2014 and the first prize of International Underwater Robot Competition in 2015. In 2016, the team set up a laboratory in order to attract more teachers and students to participate in this innovative practice and cultivate innovative talents in the field of marine science and engineering.

This conference not only encouraged the pursuit of excellence in innovation, but also affirmed COE’s working achievements in recent years. Just like the meaning of school motto, the college’s teachers and students always strive hard without any let-up, and rest only when the perfection is reached.

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