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Inauguration of The Museum of Marine Science and Technology
COE COE 2016/4/5 515

To celebrate the 95th anniversary of Xiamen University(XMU), the inauguration of the Museum of Marine Science and Technology was held at Zeng Chengkui Building on April 4th. This new museum combines the displaying and interactive functions in order to show the long history of XMU's marine science as well as the latest hotspots of marine technological research.

Comprehensive, marine geological, marine biological, underwater acoustic communicative and tidal, 5 exhibition areas are opened to public: the comprehensive area shows the history and development of XMU’s marine science, the human exploration to sea and marine scientific research fields at present. The geological area introduces the basic elements of geological science and the evolution process of the earth structure & the oceanic lithosphere. The biological area displays a large variety of marine biological specimen including some National First-class Protected Animals: Chinese White Dolphin and Tan Kah Kee Jellyfish. The underwater acoustic communication area leads us to uncover the mysterious acoustic phenomena behind  submarine, warship, sonar, dolphins and the Jiaolong (the best Chinese self-developed deep-sea manned submersible). Also, special underwater interactive activities are offered in this area. Finally, the tidal area focuses on the application of marine hydrological observation in information service, disaster prevention and reduction.

Mr. ZHU Chongshi, president of XMU, spoke at the grand opening that as Mr. Tan Kah Kee (founder of XMU) always attached great importance to cultivate marine talents and safeguard the national marine rights & interests, all the faculties, staffs and students in COE are brave all the time to forge ahead and dedicated to the marine science cause in China, ever since the very first marine research department and institute were set up in XMU in 1946.

“Nowadays, COE has developed a complete discipline system containing disciplines of Marine Biological Science & Technology, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry, Physical Oceanography, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering and Marine geology. I hope that the museum will establish an effective management mechanism, take responsibility to spread the marine culture and technology and make new and greater contributions to the development of the marine cause of China.”ZHU Chongshi said.

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