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The Summer of Ximen (Social Practice Team of COE) 's Exploration in the Chinese Most Northern Mangrove Forest
COE COE 2016/7/2 540

The Mangrove Forest Region in Ximen Island is at present the most northern mangrove area in China, also the only island mangrove area in Zhejiang province. On July 2nd, the Summer of Ximen, COE’s social practice team began their research into mangrove forest on this island. Five team members and one student from Wenzhou Medical University joined in this practicing activity under the guidance of instructor-Mrs. HOU Jiajun. At 8:00, they arrived punctually at Ximen Island Mangrove Reserve.

According to the islanders and experts from Zhejiang Aquaculture Research Institution, the original mangrove forests suffered a massive damage caused by the cold snap of last year. As a consequence, the saplings are still small and sparse. The very original mangroves were growing on the other side of this island, larger area, but heavily harmed by last year’s cold snap as well. Then the practice team surveyed the earliest artificial cultivated mangrove forest region and sampled with the help of COE’s graduated students.

In brief, this two days social practice was a great experience to all the team members, they expressed at last their sincere thanks to the instructors, islanders, experts and senior students. 

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