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LOVE AMPHIOXUS, LOVE OCEAN - COE Amphioxus Protection Campaign in Huangcuo Sea Area
COE COE 2016/7/20 640

Amphioxus has long been regarded as one of the most closely related species to the immediate ancestor of vertebrates that lived 500 million years ago. Amphioxus,the living fossil that survives miraculously during the past millions of years,plays anirreplaceable role in the evolutionary history.

With the respect for life and the passion for protecting rare animals, on July 16th on the Huangcuo Beach of Xiamen, Love Amphioxus, Love Ocean - COE Amphioxus Protection Campaign was jointly hosted by COE, the Administrative Office of Xiamen State-Level Marine Natural Reserve for Rare Marine Species and Super Band summer practice team of COE. More than 50 student volunteers of XMU participated actively in this campaign reported by Xiamen TV.

CAI Libo, associate director of the marine natural reserve, made a brief but forceful speech at the opening ceremony, expressing his attention, affirmation and full support for the protection campaign.

As representative of students and leader of the practice team, LI Qi showed his firm determination to protect amphioxus and ocean.

The directors,teachers and students wrote their names and vows on the special signature wall.

Specimen and living amphioxus, posters and videos, quiz games, discussions and prizes...acomprehensive and vivid exhibition of amphioxus was offered by the sea.

All people marveled at living amphioxus.

Manybrochures and souvenirsof amphioxus were distributed to people along the beach.

Long time ago,a large number of amphioxus lived in Xiamen sea area. However,the development of Xiamen caused a significant reduction of this precious animal. “There is still a long way to go. We still have a lot to do to protect amphioxus. ” LI Qi said in interview with Xiamen TV.

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