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COE Won Awards in the 2016 Xiang’an Laboratory Sports Competition
COE COE 2016/7/16 563

Hosted by the Communist Youth League Working Committee, the XMU Xiang’an Campus Working Committee and Undergraduate & Graduate Student Union, the 2016 Xiang’an Laboratory Sports Competition encouraged students to avoid being obsessed with computer games and staying all the time in dormitories. Orienteering, golf, rope skipping, volleyball, baseball, football, table tennis, basketball, swimming and decathlon... diverse activities welcomed COE’s undergraduate & graduate labs and classes. During 121 days’ competition, COE won several awards as following:

Individual Award

Woman Swimming Champion, WEI Yawen (Super NCG,COE)

Group Award

Basketball Team Champion (Super NCG, COE)

Month Group Award

Third Winner in June (Benthal Laboratory, COE)

Champion in July (Super NCG,COE)

Highest Total Score Award

Fourth Place (Benthal Laboratory, COE)

This sports meeting vitalized students’ daily life. Although it has ended, COE will certainly continue to lead an active, sportive college culture and encourage professors and students to strike a proper balance between work and rest.

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