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A New National Scientific Research Platform in COE Was Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission
COE COE 2016/2/21 1310

Recently, the project State-Province Joint Engineering Laboratory of Marine Bioproducts and Technology with prof. WANG Kejian in charge was approved to start into operation. COE has now both key laboratory and engineering laboratory at national level. Like two wings of a bird, this current platform system will certainly contribute significantly to COE’s fundamental research & application development and to a better overall arrangement of COE marine scientific research platforms.

Based on the Fujian Engineering Laboratory of Marine Bioproducts and Technology, this state-province joint engineering laboratory is supported by COE, Fujian Collaborative Innovation Center for Exploitation and Utilization of Marine Biological Resources and XMU State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science. It aims at developing the exploitation and utilization of marine biological resources and strengthening the industry-university-research collaboration. Therefore, it carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with several large enterprises, such as Fujian Hualong Feed Co., Ltd., Xiamen Shuangrui Marine Paint Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute, etc. It has been undertaking more than 30 major projects of China, Chinese Ministry of Education, Fujian Province and Xiamen City. With a number of original scientific research results achieved, the laboratory has made great contributions to Chinese marine cause.

This laboratory approval reflects that the university’s innovation capability has been recognized by the country. The construction and development of this laboratory will definitely be a big step for the school’s independent innovation capability in the exploitation and utilization of marine biological resources.

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