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The Dongshan Marine Station launched
MEL MEL 2017/8/2 936

Affiliated with the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (MEL,, the Dongshan Swire Marine Station of Xiamen University (D-SMART) is located in the Donggu Village, Xipu Town, Dongshan Island, 173 km from the Siming Campus of Xiamen University, measuring approximately 14.43 acres.

With financial assistance from the Swire Group Charitable Trust and local support from Dongshan County Government, the phase I of D-SMART Project was completed in May 2017. Upon completion, D-SMART will serve for long-term time-series observations and offer the setting to study marine ecology and test instrumentation, for monitoring and understanding responses of the marine ecosystem to both climate change and anthropogenic activities.   


l  To strengthen in situ ocean observation capacity and to establish a multidisciplinary observation network for the atmospheric science, physical oceanography, biogeochemistry and marine biology, and to monitor and understand responses of the marine ecosystem to both climate change and anthropogenic activities;

l  To establish an experimental facility for marine biology, ecology and biogeochemistry studies and for marine observation instrumentation development;

l  To establish education platforms for undergraduate and graduate students and to develop outreach programs for the general public;

l  To collaborate with national and international sister marine stations on science and education;

l  To transform technology and serve the local economy, developing into an important marine technology transformation base in western portion of the Taiwan Strait.


D-SMART is seeking for collaborations with any individuals and groups bearing with common interests. The partnership has been established with the following institutions.

l  The Swire Institute of Marine Science, the University of Hong Kong

l  The Coastal Sustainability Institute, Northeastern University

l  Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University

l  State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power & Mechatronic Systems, Zhejiang University

l  Zhongtian Technology Marine Systems Co., Ltd.

l  Xiamen Standards Instrumentation Company

           Join us:

l  Establish institutional collaboration with D-SMART or become our sister station;

l  Bring your students to D-SMART for short-term exchanges or field courses;

l  Design and carry out collaborative research D-SMART through the MEL Visiting Fellowship, Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship, Undergraduate Research Fellowship or other programs.

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Phone: (86) 0596- 5862892 / (86) 0592-2880198

Address: Su Feng Mt. Road, Dongshan County, Fujian Province, China

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