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Luncheon Seminar #81: Disproportionate nutrient loads and resulting stoichiometry impacts food webs, from toxic algae to higher trophic levels
2017/9/14 187
2017-09-18 2017-9-18 11:40-1:00pm
Patricia M. Glibert,Professor
A3-206 Zhou Long Quan Building

【Institution】:University of Maryland,USA  

【Host】:Shuh-Ji Kao     

【Contact】:Li Tian

Some Significant Honors and Awards
2012. Elected Fellow, AAAS
2013. Named one of the top 25 women professors in the State of Maryland (
2014. Named one of China’s 1000 Talents and Visiting Professor, Zhejiang University (浙大千人计划特聘教授)
2016. Named Sustaining Fellow, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

Research Interests
Transformations and fate of inorganic and organic nitrogen in marine and estuarine systems; global changes in the nitrogen cycle by anthropogenic activities; ecology of phytoplankton in estuarine and oceanic environments; primary productivity and its regulation by environmental factors; stable isotope techniques; eutrophication, its effects and global changes therein; growth, physiology and mixotrophy of marine cyanobacteria and harmful algal bloom species; effects of harmful algae on early stages of shellfish growth; ecological stoichiometry and its effects on aquatic food web structure and invasive species;

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