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Luncheon Seminar #168: Year of Emergence of Ocean Acidification in the Global Ocean
2019/12/27 250
2019-12-30 2019-12-30 (星期一) 11:40am-1:00pm Seminar starts at 12:00pm
Hongjie Wang,Postdoctoral Researcher
周隆泉楼A3-206 A3-206 Zhou Long Quan Building

来访单位 Institution】:University of Delaware,USA   

邀请人 Host】:郭香会  Xianghui Guo      【联络人 Contact】:黄迎   Ying Huang 2181571


Year of emergence (YoE)is defined as the year when an environment and the organisms within begin to experience significant different conditions from the pre-industrial conditions (1770 C.E.). This study calculates the global surface ocean YoEs for pH, partial pressure of CO(pCO2) and aragonite saturation (Ω) from a recent calculated surface ocean carbonate chemistry data product. The data product is calculated from the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas version 6 (SOCATv6) with modeled pCO2 changes in the global surface ocean from the ESM2M model. We find that pCO2, pH and Ω generally emerged from preindustrial conditions in the open ocean by the year 1950, while these properties have still not yet emerged along many ocean margins. We also found that Ω had a significantly delayed YoE compared to pH and pCO2. The delayed YoE for Ω is caused by its lasting sensitivity to temperature variability, which increases the natural variability experienced by organisms, and a partial cancellation of the long term acidification trend by the global warming. Together, YoEs presented here highlight that there are hotspots (open ocean) and coldspots (ocean margins that were impacted by boundary currents) for the emergence of anthropogenic signals. Continuous data collection and synthesis are needed to further examine the impact of ocean acidification on ecosystem health.

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